It’s been an embarrassingly long road, but the ultimate pairing is up. I’m more than surprised to see HYPNO5E represented here, but as they are one of my favorite unique bands plucked from “obscurité,” I think it’s badass. This track by them also happens to be one of their best, and a stellar conclusion that sums up the excellent concept album “Acid Mist Tomorrow” with range and style. I’m tickled they won the “progressive” category, among some great contenders.

ANIMALS AS LEADERS probably entered this thing as the 1 seed, if we are being honest. And, although my choice of favorite track appears controversial among our modest group of listeners, Tosin and company weathered the tournament in stride and made it to the final round. I stand by my pick. It’s simply the AAL track I go back to the most. There were plenty of others that would have cruised through the bracket. But here we are.

Who will it be? The unlikely avant-garde band that used the form of an instrumental track to its fullest proggy potential, or the proggy band that does nothing but churn out mind boggling instrumental tracks as a matter of course? Context vs. consistency. You decide.


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  1. AaL keeps beating all my favorite tracks. Probably in part because I keep voting for them. I thought from the full track list reveal that Tempting Time and Cloudkicker’s WGIWGD were the best two tracks, and being in the same section, couldn’t both be in the final. Cloudkicker is great, but it essentially hangs on one fantastic riff. AaL had to beat that out with so much more to offer.

    I’m really happy to see Hypno5e get to the final matchup. It is a great example of an instrumental track that does more than guitar wankery for several minutes. There’s some tachnicality, but it’s real strength is having interesting tones and instrumentations and personality. There’s heaviness, and catchiness, and moodiness. Great stuff. Definitely one of my favorite tracks. Had to vote against it though.


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