1. Rager, Drucifer and I…possibly others were at a Black Dahlia Murder show at the Majestic or Magic Stick or some shit. Poorly designed, pretty sure that from the front of the pit there was a piece of plywood sticking out, sheering off everyone’s nipples. I don’t recall if there were other openers but one of them was the Red Chord who, at the time were burning trash. A dumpster fire, pure garbage. An old dude with a Mohawk and a Red Chord hoodie was semi-violently and drunkenly pushing people out of the way moving up to the front, specifically us. As he runs into Rager there is some sort of back and forth and Rager looks him up and down and says “Dude what are you like fifty?” There was a slight pause followed by this Affliction shirt of a person answering “Yeah.” Hilarious and is now officially part of the Scrod Cannon. I personally have hated the Red Chord ever since. THAT BEING SAID…..Mastodon is one of those bands for me where some of their songs I LOVE and others….MEH…this is one of those situations. The Red Chord wins.


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