1. Firstly I just want everybody to know that when I type “Harrison” into the Spotify search, the first song that comes up is this one “Harrison Fjord” likely because I have it in my “liked” songs. The second one on the list is “The Harrison Poop Song” by “The Odd Man Who Sings About Poop, Puke and Pee”.

    Secondly, Scale the Summit has a lot of cool stuff, they are the type of band or…more likely just a dude that I might bust out if I don’t want to scare away normals on a long car ride but I don’t want to succumb to the “oldies” or something I have heard 4873489734985 times. While I think “Subjects” is my favorite Scale the Summit album because vocals almost like a rap artist featuring a different vocalist on every song, they(((him)zer?)(whatever)) have a hell of a track that has everything you want (except vocals). But once again I find, especially without vocals on a song a lack of narrative.

    Harrison Fjord. ***Spoiler Alert*** he kills Chewbacca in Indiana Jones 5 : Return of the Skywalker. But this song rips…maybe its the pacing? I don’t know but I prefer this song. Also the name gives it a thousand points.


  2. I like both of these tracks a lot. Haunted Shores is probably the more energizing track. I don’t know if it’s the writing or the production, but the drums contribute a lot more to the overall effectiveness of the track. Good fat beats and some good blasticity ( of our city).

    I think the composition on haunted is quite a bit more traditional (while being really hard rocking). I like the more proggy and original sounds in Odyssey. Especially the arpeggio stuff at 2:00 setting up some great bass features. Actually the bass has a lot of voice and personality all the way through. The guitar arpeggios are a really cool mix of technical and organic sounds at the same time. Definitely favorite section of these two songs.

    I vote Odyssey.


  3. This Haunted Shores album is pretty excellent throughout. I really like “Feed the Wolf” with Devin Townsend. StS are largely too casual for me to seek out often, but this track really speaks to me. Haven’t made a pick yet.


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