1. Statherian by The Ocean’s build up does not pay off for me. I find it a little dry and boring and spoken word for me is kind of like tattoos, they can be a negative or a zero, but will rarely be a positive for me.

    It really picks up around 4 minutes. It also feels like its cordoned off into a few distinct parts which makes for an interesting piece of art, but not one I would display in my home. This has been my least favorite song of the tournament so far.

    Electric Sunrise by Plini as I discussed with Cloudkicker, I think narrative will be an important ingredient for me with specifically instrumental music. I can totally see this song being the soundtrack to wakey wakey hands off snakey in the metaverse.

    Also, Statherian has under 100k listens and Electric Sunrise has over 10 million on Spotify. Not that the unwashed masses are always correct…but this time I agree with them. It will be interesting to watch these kinds of counts as the tournament progresses. Plini smashed the Ocean here.


  2. I do really like how “Statherian” speeds up and heavies up as it progresses. Mid-2000’s Rager was way into that. That tempo increase is very unnerving, in a good way. That said, 2020’s Rager’s tastes are more in alignment with what our Australian friend, Plini, is offering here though. I’m old and need mellow tunes while I sip my Metamucil. But for reals, what Moe said applies for me too. I think Plini is better at building the “story” within his tracks since he is an instrumental artist and this track by the Ocean is just a one off instrumental track on Precambrian. Oh and for anybody wondering, that’s Kevin Spacey’s voice in the there… will that impact your voting? Who knows!


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