1. Both songs are great but I prefer Fallujah’s more alien autopsy(y) sound to Archspire’s more mechanical sound. Also after our group chat discussion about “yewlibedulieat” and monthly condom deliveries to children (wtf man), all I can hear is Lars snare on the Archspire track lol. Fallujah wins.


  2. Going with Fallujah (rip) this time. Good riffage, leads, and atmosphere. Why the hell did they stop doing that? As if losing the vocalist wasn’t bad enough. Ugh. I wish there had been an instrumental track on Relentless Mutation or Bleed the Future. Oh, well.


    1. Agreed on all fronts. The improvement in quality from one Archspire to the next is pretty stark. BtF sounds notably better than RM, even. You know an instrumental track on BtF would rip so hard. Archspire has filled the void Fallujah has left, for me, for now.


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