Tournament of Prog Metal: #MISSEDPICKS ROUND 2, PAIR 1

PROTEST THE HERO – “Palimpsest”


NEVERMORE – “Dead Heart in a Dead World” (ADVANCES)

NEVERMORE win at least one more time, by an inch, 5-4.


  1. After relistening to the albums, I’m going to go with Palimpsest. What a weird fuckin name. But as an album, it’s still better than DHIADW–even though that one carries a big nostalgia factor for me.


    1. I actually love the title “Palimpsest” as it relates to the revision of American history. It’s like every track is a historical document with some, “yeah, but actually…” written over the accord. It also makes me think about what each generation brings to the history, and how they choose to focus/understand the history of their ancestors. Just wish the band wasn’t Canadian, as I usually prefer self reflection for these sorts of things, but I suppose it’s our fault as Americans for seeming “so fucking proud.”


      1. TIL that “palimpsest” is a real word, not something made up by the band Protest the Hero. Maybe I should Gojira myself for messing that one up…


  2. Drucifer – “Dead Heart in a Dead World”
    Protest album is good but… i think im just old. Im missing the hooks and rhythm riffs, it just sounds like noodling. Again, I’m getting old.

    Moe – “Dead Heart in a Dead World”
    Man…I don’t know I love Palimpsest and Dead Heart…I think what I will do is think back to 2008 Vans Warped Tour, Dru and I met Rody Walker and he was a cunt. Therefore and almost exclusively because of the River Dragon, Nevermore wins, but I reiterate both of these albums are liquid hot fiyah.

    Brian – “Palimpsest”

    Luke Rager – “Palimsest”

    Scrodge – “Dead Heart in a Dead World”

    Aaron – “Palimpsest”
    DHiaDW wins in nostalgia,  but Palimpsest is way more interesting to me at this juncture. Thank God I’m not old like Dru.

    Krychek – “Dead Heart in a Dead World”


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