Tournament of Prog Metal: #MISSEDPICKS ROUND 1, PAIR 4

GOROD – “Process of a New Decline” (ADVANCES)



Brian’s offering from GOROD gores EDGE OF SANITY with their rod. Actually, it was crazy close; 5-4.


  1. Both of these albums are pretty interesting and have some quality stuff in them. Hat’s off to the fella’s that suggested them. I’m going to go with GOROD because it makes me feel like I’m battling my way through Dr. Wiley’s castle. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go charge up my megabuster.


  2. Man, this one is tough. Jeez. Now I remember why I skipped voting after my first listen, just to make sure I listened to both albums. Ended up not getting a window to listen to both all the way through, so I still have to go off the clips. I enjoyed both for different reasons, so I’m going to be a bastard and go off sound production. Gorod’s album was just better produced (based on the sample). There were times when I felt like the Edge of Sanity’s symphonic elements were cheap.

    Gorod for the win.


  3. Moe – “Crimson II”
    I liked both of these albums very much but I gotta give the Edge….to….Edge of Sanity. The use of synth and piani and occasional clean vox was quite enjoyable.

    Scrodge – “Crimson II”
    Holy crap! Both albums were amazing. Catchy riffs all around. Gorod has some awesome technical parts. Ill have to choose Edge of Sanity for this one. The chuggy callback riffs and doomy vocals are yummy. I really dig how the songs on Crimson II flow together. It is basically one giant song. Both albums were my favorite to listen to on this bracket.

    Luke Rager – “Crimson II”
    I’m gonna go with Crimson II. I really dig the riffs and technicality that Gorod offers but the cheesy keys that Edge of Sanity showcases make me happy.

    Krychek – “Crimson II”

    Drucifer – “Process of a New Decline”
    I think ima go with the rod…Gorod.
    This album slashes my tires.

    Aaron – “Process of a New Decline”
    This was very close for close for me. I appreciate EoS’s album structure, melodies, and dynamics. I prefer Gorod’s more modern sound, and the punchy production. Crimson II feels more dated to me, so Gorod has the sound I prefer. But it’s damn close.

    Brian – “Process of a New Decline”


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