1. Moe – “Anaesthete”
    I tried…i really tried but I couldn’t listen to King Crimson – The Construktion of the Light. I really hated it. The other one…Rosetta Stone or whatever was ok. So that one.

    Drucifer – “Anaesthete”

    Scrodge – “The ConstruKction of Light”
    Really cool rhythms and riffs. It caught my attention more than ROSETTA – Anaesthete. I actually went back and listened to a few crimson songs over again. ROSETTA – Anaesthete was good. I enjoyed listening to it.

    Luke Rager – “Anaesthete”
    Rosetta. Haven’t been into Post Metal for a long time but King Crimson seems out of place.

    Krychek – “Anaesthete”

    Aaron – “Anaesthete”

    Brian – “The ConstruKction of Light”
    I’ll take King Crimson. The second half gets a bit dull, but Rosetta is too trancy for me. It doesn’t do much to demand my attention. Groovy, though.


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