Tournament of Prog Metal: #MISSEDPICKS ROUND 1, PAIR 1




Luke Rager’s pick “Palimpsest” beats out Moe’s pick “Nocturne” by the slimmest of margins, 5-4.


  1. This is a tough one to pick between for me. The bands sound really similar. I’ll take Protest the Hero. There are some good melodies in there. Honestly though, when it comes to either of these albums, I think you could just listen to Iron Maiden.


  2. Drucifer – “Nocturne”

    Brian – “Palimpsest”
    I vote Protest the Hero. Both bands kind of annoy me vocally. Hero seems more creative and the guitar work feels a bit more advanced. Top track: From the Sky; wish the soaring section around the middle got more time to develop or come back later in the song.

    Luke Rager – “Palimpsest”
    I really love this album. The concept of critiquing American exceptionality through historical
    musical vignettes was just what the doctor ordered during the shit show that was last year.
    Definitely one you’ll want to follow along with the lyrics sheet so you don’t miss anything.
    There’s so much going on lyrically, musically, and instrumentally. Multiple listenings required to
    get the most out of it.

    Krychek – “Palimpsest”
    Both of these #missedpicks bands would have ended up on my list of 32 if I was making the bracket (though the albums would of been different). I’ll go Protest here because fuck you, that’s why.

    Aaron – “Palimpsest”
    I’m not all in on the vocal styles of either of these bands, but “Palimpsest” wins easily through it’s concept and dramatic choruses. HA wins on technicality, but nowhere else. This is one of the strongest concepts in recent memory, on par with those of The Ocean.

    Moe – “Nocturne”
    Have to admit I bumped a ton of Kezia but lost interest in Protest the Hero with Fortress…not that it was even bad. Just moved on to other things. That being said Palimpsest bangs. I gave it a spin and really enjoyed it… but…FFS The Human Abstract changed my life. Nocturne is an absolutely triumphant piece of art. Vela is physically abusive because it forces me to headbang. Nocturne is my choice.

    Scrodge – “Nocturne”


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