OPETH – “Blackwater Park” (CHAMPION)


GOJIRA – “The Way of All Flesh”

OPETH conclude our tournament of 32 with a 7-2 victory over the runner-up, GOJIRA. “Blackwater Park” is now and forevermore enshrined as the greatest prog metal album of all time. Finally, the masses give this oft overlooked album its due. Nobody thought it could win, but to all the non-believers out there, “they did it, baby!”


  1. I think you definitely got the cream of the crop in the final round. I’ve decided I like Opeth best, but there are a couple bits of Gojira that are really cool. Also, I definitely side with King Kong.


  2. Luke Rager – Blackwater Park
    Opeth. Cold fingers mark this dying wreck that is Gojira.

    Dru – Blackwater Park

    Scrodge – The Way of All Flesh
    Go with jira my man. Gojira my man.

    Aaron – Blackwater Park
    Yup. I was blown away to discover this was the oldest album on my list. Still feels pretty fresh. Special to me then, and still is now.

    Moe – The Way of All Flesh
    Going to go Gojira….mostly because I think everyone is going to go Opeth lol

    Jon – Blackwater Park
    Would have preferred to see Owls in the final, but BWP is too classic not to beat all comers

    Krychek – Blackwater Park
    Because fuck you, that’s why

    Brian – Blackwater Park
    Gojira is more heavy, more rythmically interesting, more proggy in many ways, and more metal in overall tone. Opeth excels in vocal quality both in the heavy and cleans, has better melody and use of interesting and functional harmonies, they have more overall variety, use of hooks, and more artistic depth. Gojira probably put out the better metal album; Opeth put together a higher quality piece of art. I vote Opeth.


  3. BWP earned an average of 7/8 votes over the course of 5 rounds (for the original 8 voters).

    Stay tuned for rich rewards to players based on my statistical analysis of the outcomes!



    The “Human Sheep” Award
    -Least votes against the popular opinion
    Brian – 5
    Luke and Roger – 6

    The “John McCain Memorial ‘Maverick'” Award
    -Most votes against the popular opinion
    Krychek – 10
    Dru and Steve – 9

    The “Metal Heads Are Better Than One” Award
    -Two people most consistently agreeing with eachother
    Aaron and Brian – 81%
    Aaron and Krychek – 77%
    *somehow Aaron scored most agreement with the two guys who agreed most and least with the popular opinion???

    The “Arch Enemy” Award
    -Two people in least agreement with eachother
    Mo and Steve – 35%
    4-way tie at 48%

    The “Diplomatica” Award
    -Person agreeing with the most individual votes
    Aaron – 135 votes
    Krychek and Roger – 129 votes

    The “Provocateur” Award
    -Person agreeing with the fewest individual votes
    Steve – 104
    Mo – 113


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