Tournament of Prog Metal: SEMIFINAL ROUND, PAIR 2

GOJIRA – “The Way of All Flesh” (ADVANCES)


RIVERS OF NIHIL – “Where Owls Know My Name”

GOJIRA stomp their way to another strong victory, 7-2.


  1. I’m going with Gojira in this round as I have in most rounds. I still think the rapid-fire percussion evident in both of these albums is extremely distracting and can’t help but wonder if both of these bands might benefit from the competent drum-work of Don Brewer. FWIW I’m currently listening to Karn Evil 9: 3rd Impression. Good stuff.


  2. Rivers of Nile. With great respect to Gojira, who is growing on me–WOKMN is one the most replayable albums I’ve heard in years.


  3. Dru – The Way of All Flesh

    Krychek – The Way of All Flesh
    Because Fuck you, that’s why

    Scrodge – The Way of All Flesh
    It gets the blood in my flesh flowing…

    Luke Rager – The Way of All Flesh
    Gojira. It’s a classic. Owls is great but not at the same level.

    Aaron – The Way of All Flesh
    2 seed from the start.

    Brian – The Way of All Flesh
    Gojira wins; such power; such rage; such didgeridoo

    Moe – Where Owls Know My Name


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