Tournament of Prog Metal: SEMIFINAL ROUND, PAIR 1

DEVIN TOWNSEND – “Ziltoid the Omniscient”


OPETH – “Blackwater Park” (ADVANCES)

OPETH prove more omniscient, routing Ziltoid 9-0.


  1. Luke – Blackwater Park
    Definitely Opeth. Not close.

    Scrodge – Crack daughter shark.
    It is a bit less cooky.

    Brian – Blackwater Park
    I’ll continue with Opeth in round 4. I love Ziltoid, but I do have some criticisms. I think Opeth wins on artistic value and continued interest the whole length of the album.

    Krychek – Blackwater Park
    Because Fuck you, that’s why

    Dru – Blackwater Park

    Moe – Blackwater Park

    Aaron – Blackwater Park
    Joke album vs “No Joke” album. Pretty easy.


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