OPETH – “Blackwater Park” (ADVANCES)



OPETH are too O.P. and take this one in stride, 7-1.


  1. Brian – Blackwater Park
    Blackwater Park is the winner, because you’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to stand a chance against it. Ne Ob doesn’t have the same legend status.

    Aaron – Blackwater Park
    Can’t believe this album is 20 years old. Still feels current. Like Bri said, legend status. Also, can’t believe Opeth haven’t been able to put out anything as good in the last 20 years. #peakopeth

    Crucifer – Blackwater Park

    Scrodge – Citadel

    Krychek – Blackwater Park
    Turns out the 3rd best Opeth is better than 2nd best NeO

    Moe – Blackwater Park
    Blackwater Park is my vote for this one for sure. Too iconic.

    Luke Rager – Blackwater Park
    Opeth. Was it ever not going to be Opeth?


  2. This Blackwater Park sampler is growing on me. I really liked it this time around. I’ve voted for Citadel in every round so far, but based on my previous comments that’s more of a reflection on the competition. This time around, Blackwater Park is clearly my favorite of the two.


  3. I missed this vote because my 11 month old laptop decided to self-defenestrate and sits with some local Indian guy awaiting a new SSD. But I would have voted BWP, too.

    Krycheck–you have this as Opeth’s 3rd best?!!! Behind what? Deliverance and Ghost Reveries?


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