Tournament of Prog Metal: DIVISIONAL ROUND, “PROG CHAMP”

DEVIN TOWNSEND – “Ziltoid the Omniscient” (ADVANCES)


KATATONIA – “The Great Cold Distance”

Ziltoid is victorious, by your command, in a 5-4 nail-biter!


  1. I’ve been incommunicado for about 10 days and it sounds like I missed a couple of tight rounds, which is a shame. This sampler for Katatonia doesn’t really display a lot of variation in musicality, which a lot of the time is a drawback for me, but in this case, right now, I really like the sound of it. I suspect though, if I were to listen to the whole album my mind would quickly wander to other things. I can’t recall how I voted in other rounds for these guys, but today I’ll take them.


  2. If the offering was Viva Emptiness, I would have picked Katatonia. I didn’t hate this sample–I actually liked it a lot–but I just found myself more engaged by the DT stuff. I’ll go with the Zilt.

    Not that this matters, but the last track on Viva Emptiness inspired a critical piece of the mythology in my fantasy universe.


  3. Brian – ZTO
    Ziltoid wins this round. The Great Cold Distance is loaded with classics, but Ziltoid means a little more to me personally. And Katatonia can be a legit downer sometimes.

    Aaron – ZTO
    Feels funny voting for a joke album over Katatonia, but at least it’s an extremely entertaining and equally original one. I really thought this matchups would be Leprous vs Caligula’s Horse, so I guess I don’t know snakes from dildos bout that. Cherish your mental sanctum!

    Drucifer – ZTO

    Scrodge – The Great Cold Distance

    Krychek – The Great Cold Distance
    Because fuck you, that’s why

    Luke Rager – The Great Cold Distance
    Katatonia because it rawks.

    Moe – ZTO


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