Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 2, PAIR 8

THE FACELESS – “Planetary Duality” (ADVANCES)


BLACK CROWN INITIATE – “The Wreckage of Stars”

THE FACELESS win this one 5-3, despite the egregious typo in one of their song titles.


  1. This is lowkey one of the hardest ones to pick between. I gave both albums a listen, and I liked the combination of heavy + prog in both, and I also equally disliked the clean vocals. Both are solid 3/5 stars in my book, something I’d comfortably recommend to others, but probably not something I’m going to keep in my playlist, like Gojira, Fallujah, Rivers of Nihil, or Persefone.

    So I’m going to vote based on the only real tie-breaker I can think of, which is voting strictly off the samples. I liked The Faceless sample better. So, they get my vote!


    1. If you aren’t familiar with B.C.I. yet, you must listen to their “Song of the Crippled Bull” E.P. Though short, and their debut release, it’s pretty damn amazing. I’ve never liked the cleans in The Faceless. Little too powery for me, but I can’t get enough of the cleans in B.C.I. You’re straight trippin’ with only 3 stars though.


      1. To be clear, I gave myself a no E.P. policy, or “Song of the Cripple Bull” would have been my pick, and probably a contender in the entire tournament, knowing our group of listeners.


  2. Scrodge – Planetary Duality.
    It still holds up after almost 13 years.

    Krychek – The Wreckage of Stars
    Because fuck The Faceless, that’s why.

    Aaron – The Wreckage of Stars
    Easy pick for me. Appreciate The Faceless. BCI is much more my style.

    Drucifer – Planetary Duality

    Luke Rager – Planetary Duality

    Brian – The Wreckage of Stars
    Black Crown crushes the opposition.

    Moe – Planetary Duality


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