Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 2, PAIR 7

FALLUJAH – “Dreamless”


RIVERS OF NIHIL – “Where Owls Know My Name” (ADVANCES)

RoN takes this one 5-3. *Pours one on the ground and weeps


  1. These are two of my top favorite bands, and damn you for pitting them against each other XD XD. I guess damn everybody who voted.

    But I have to go with Rivers of Nihil for 3 reasons:

    1) I have to elevate the heavy prog bands. There is just not enough heavy prog. DOUBLE-BASS-AHHH.
    2) I tend to vote for any band that can elegantly insert an instrument outside the customary rock-and-roll wheelhouse. Sure, Ne Obliviscaris integrated some fiddle, and it’s great–but FUCKING SAXAPHONE?! And it’s so fucking good. And you included it in the sample, so I can make this comment with actual context.
    3) Rivers of Nihil is just one of those bands that triggers my synesthesia in the right way. It almost like a falling sensation. Fallujah makes me float. Rivers makes me fall.

    Sorry to see one of them go.


  2. Scrodge – WOKMN
    Who gives a hoot about Fallujah. My vote is for owls because they can fly. And they puke up bones. And they know my name.

    Krychek – Dreamless
    This could just be the end of “The Void Alone” vs the entirety of Owls and it would still win.

    Brian – WOKMN
    Owls all day. More interesting; more catchy, more YES.

    Aaron – Dreamless
    *Pulls hair out from stress of decision

    Moe – WOKMN
    I gotta go Owls. As much as I LOVE Dreamless and I do…the getting probed by aliens vibe. Lisa Simpson and her saxophone knocking things over in the woods I like slightly better. To me these might be the heaviest hitters in this entire bracket. Owls is still a little fresh for me so maybe it hasn’t worn off but it just slaps so fucking hard. Simple, brutal.

    Luke Rager – WOKMN

    Drucifer – Dreamless


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