Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 2, PAIR 5

GOJIRA – “The Way of All Flesh” (ADVANCES)



GOJIRA proceed, with a 7-2 victory.


  1. I didn’t have anything to say about either of these albums in the last round. I’m taking Exoplanet in this one. I’m basing that mostly on the variation in musicality. The Gojira album is strikingly similar all through the highlight reel.


  2. Don’t tell me what the actual words are, but Gojira has one of my favorite misheard lyrics. I think it’s in Yama’s Messenger where I always hear “the ravening piss rays”

    Sounds like something out of a Murderface track.


  3. Drucifer – Exoplanet

    Krychek – The Way of all Flesh
    Because fuck you, that’s why

    Brian – The Way of All Flesh
    To be honest, I didn’t even listen to Gojira when I voted for them in round 1. We know how much the Art of Dying rips. This round is a tighter race especially because I was spinning both of these really hard around the same time back in the day. Contortionist holds its own against a lot of great albums, but not this one. Gojira wins.

    Aaron – The Way of All Flesh
    Painful shaving the highlights down to 3 minutes. Instant classic. “Exoplanet” is also top tier.

    Luke Rager – The Way of All Flesh
    Gojira…because that whole album slaps and Primal Directive and Flourish are just two songs.

    Scrodge – The Way of All Flesh
    “Exoplanet” is absolutely awesome. If it was up against anything else, I probably would have picked it.

    Moe – The Way of All Flesh


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