1. Krychek – Aathma
    Aathma by a slim margin in the only really tough matchup for me this round

    Scrodge – Citadel
    I vote Be Obli. Forget not.

    Brian – Citadel
    Ne Ob wins this round. Upon one more listen through, Persefone hits pretty hard. They have good consistency in their technicality (maybe a little too much razzle dazzle) and some of it has really cool vibes. Citadels wins mainly on the “oh wow, that’s so cool” reaction to a lot of different sections, especially in Devour.

    Luke Rager – Citadel
    Ne Obnixilis…because Painters.

    Aaron – Citadel
    I think “Aathma” may have been another wrong pick for the tournament. If I was to do the tournament over again, I would have picked “Spiritual Migration” for Persefone, which I simply didn’t listen to enough to consider. I think that matchup would have been much tougher, but as of right now, “Citadel” is simply too special to lose against “Aathma.” For me, it’s “Pyrrhic” into “Devour” that wins this vote.

    Drucifer – Aathma

    Moe – Aathma
    Persefone…for me…and I like the album “Spiritual Migration” even better but they might be the diamond in the rough for me…love them didn’t know about them


  2. This morning there’s nothing on either of these tracks that grabs me. I chose Citadel in the last round, so I guess I’ll continue to ride that horse.


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