Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 2, PAIR 3

IHSAHN – “After”


OPETH – “Blackwater Park” (ADVANCES)

Bleak outlook for IHSAHN after stranded in nearly barren lands with only 2 votes. It will be a bitter harvest. The drapery falls on IHSAHN this round. I guess we’ll have to paint the funeral portrait for IHSAHN. OPETH put an austere beat down on IHSAHN, sending them to heaven’s black sea, which one can only assume is located on the shores of frozen lakes on Mars…a sort of black water park, if you will. P.S. patterns in the ivy II.


  1. This is interesting. I liked the sampler of Ihsahn this time around, even though I didn’t vote for it in the first round. I also left no comments in the first round which probably meant that I didn’t have any scathing remarks to make on either band. I did vote for Opeth in the first round and I will do so again. There’s some really cool instrumentation in it.


  2. Krychek – Blackwater Park
    By quite a large margin

    Brian – Blackwater Park
    I’m going to keep voting Opeth this round, although it’s getting interesting. “After” is really fun to listen to.

    Luke Rager – After
    Ihsahn for me. Just decided based on what I would rather listen to at this moment.

    Moe – After
    Ihsahn. I mean…both these albums are absolute pwnage. It could also just be my current mood. But “what do I prefer to listen to in this moment”….Ihsahn.

    Scrodge – Blackwater Park
    Ihsahn has a great sound. The reoccurring themes are delightful and the riffs are unique. Dat sax. After a while the vocals seemed too strained. I found myself jamming to blackwater shart (winner) a bit more after listening to these two albums again.

    Aaron – Blackwater Park
    This was my official favorite album for about a decade. I still think it holds up. I rank “After” extremely high, and feel it’s uniquely excellent in Ihsahn’s catalogue. If I could only keep one of them, it would be BP. It’s grander in scale. “After” is like a perfected dish, whereas “BP” is like a 4 course meal at a Michilin star restaurant. I want both in my belly.

    Drucifer – Blackwater Park


  3. Blackwater Park. This is still one of my favorite albums for all time. Listened to it this week, in fact.


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