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  1. Brian – The Great Cold Distance
    Katatonia, all day.

    Luke Rager – The Great Cold Distance
    I pick Katatonia because it’s not Pink Floyd for Juggalos.

    Moe – The Great Cold Distance
    Honestly these two bore me quite a bit. I think “My Twin” is the freshest banger of the group for me though so I will go Katatonia this time.

    Aaron – The Great Cold Distance
    Even though I’m a certified Juggalo, I haven’t gotten the JNCOs out in a while. Also, too many scientists lyin’ and makin’ me pissed.

    Scrodge – The Great Cold Distance

    Krychek – The Great Cold Distance
    Because fuck you, that’s why

    Drucifer – Lateralus
    I’d like to make the pieces fit…so…tool.


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