Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 2, PAIR 1

HAKEN – “Virus”



Ziltoid, he comes…to round 3, with a 5-3 victory.


  1. It’s going to be tough to come up with any new creative criticism since I used up all my A material in the first round. This round features two bands I didn’t vote for, which might happen a lot in this round. I’ll go with Ziltoid this time around. It was probably my favorite of the albums I didn’t vote for. Also, I would like 2 pounds of ground round for burgers later.


    1. Well, Steve, so far you have disagreed with the field in 6 out of 16 votes with 2 abstentions. One other person has voted against the final outcome 6 times, and the guy hosting the bracket is only one fewer than that.

      Anyway, I’m proud of your decision to support Ziltoid in this round despite your previous disloyalty.


  2. Scrodge – Virus

    Luke Rager – Virus
    See prior comments for reasoning

    Brian – ZTO
    Ziltoid, all day.

    Moe – Virus
    Also I will take Haken – 🦠 this round. 🖤 Ziltoid. But I think Haken has more….idk substance? More meat 🍖 on the 🦴.

    Aaron – ZTO

    Krychek – ZTO
    Ziltoid for the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

    Drucifer – ZTO
    Ayt homie… voting ziltoid. It is beautifully and artisinally crafted.


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