Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 1, PAIR 16



BEYOND CREATION – “Earthborn Evolution”

BCI leave BC seeing stars with a 5-3 victory.


  1. I choose Beyond Creation due to their use of negative space. The wreckage of stars may be suffering from a common problem with concept albums. If it doesn’t interest me musically and they don’t vary it enough the whole album drags. If that’s not intentional, then they need to expand their skill set. One common gripe I have with a lot of the albums in this tourney is that the guitarist seems to be doing the drummer’s job and nobody is doing the guitarists job. The drummer is doing the job of AM radio by trying to cover everything up with static. Actually neither of these bands deserves that harsh of a review, but I’m not deleting it.


  2. Scrodge – The Wreckage of Stars

    Luke Rager – The Wreckage of Stars
    Part of me wanted to go with Beyond Creation for the fretless bass and the musicianship but BCI has too many hooks to deny. Lots of standout moments on there. I think my favorite is the acoustic intro on The Malignant. Black Crown Initiate wins. But for reals, Song of the Crippled Bull is their best work. I love how concise it is and that it’s all killer, no filler…god damn!

    Krychek – The Wreckage of Stars
    Because fuck you, that’s why.

    Brian – The Wreckage of Stars
    Black Crown wins. They’ve got all things that are good. Beyond Creation was a lot of fun, and I’ll have to come back to that one again, but the fox does not devour the wolf, nor the warthog trod upon the mammoth.

    Aaron – The Wreckage of Stars
    This one is actually quite close for me. I enjoy “Fundamental Process” more than any of these BCI tracks, but “Wreckage” is way more consistent. Lot of great material on this album, and the drums are absurd. Absurd. This may be my go-to for showcase of next level technical drumming. Crazy fast, but also very creative. The way he does little bursts of blastbeets with sick fill after sick fill is just awesome. Also, even tho I know it’s autotuned, don’t care, love the clean vocals. Beyond Creation is so much like Obscura and The Faceless for me. Splashes of head turning material. Real jaw on the floor shit, but a lot of it doesn’t really engage me.

    Moe – Earthborn Evolution
    The bass work was fun.

    Drucifer – Earthborn Evolution
    Fo sho!


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