1. I couldn’t figure out from the lyrics if the whole album “EXTOL – The Blueprint Dives” was about Dave Rewa’s old job in Zeeland, or just the title track. Either way it gets my vote.


  2. Drucifer – Traced In Air

    Brian – Traced in Air
    Cynic wins. Extol doesn’t hit for me. Some good stuff, but I don’t care much for the vocals and the more proggy avant-garde stuff is the weaker side of their sound in my opinion. Cynic has a lot of good hooky moments, and I like when they play fast and technical but still kind of light and delicate. It’s an interesting style.

    Moe – Traced in Air
    That Cynic album is very good. I kinda fell out of love with it. But the fire still burns…or some shit. Extol sounded a bit like Deftones without the chloroform rag. I enjoyed them quite a bit. Some cool stuff there. But EOD there are too many heavy hitters in this bracket. Traced in Air has to take it.

    Luke Rager – Traced in Air
    Cynic for me, dog. Great record that still gets heavy play. Classic. Plus anyone who votes for a Christian metal band in a metal tournament loses their metal cred.

    Aaron – Traced In Air
    Obviously I like Extol or they wouldn’t be here. My 3 favorite tracks on “Blueprint” I prefer to anything Cynic has done. But Extol are inconsistent, and this Cynic album has a truly unique and interesting sound. I wish the harsh vocals were punchier, but having everything so subdued does give it an acutely yoga-ish quality for extreme metal, and you just can’t get that extreme zen elsewhere.

    Scrodge – The Blueprint Dives

    Krychek – The Blueprint Dives
    Because fuck you, that’s why.


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