1. Aaron – Citadel
    Without cracking into the true Gothenburg Melo-Death bands, of which I’ve almost completely grown out of, I found myself running short on albums I could consider Prog Melodic Death. DD is definitely more of a traditional Doom band, but hey, gotta nuke somethin’. “Citadel” owns this matchup.

    Scrodge – Citadel
    NE OBLIVISCARIS – “Citadel” has got my vote. Both are great albums. “Citadel” has a few more upbeat parts. The violin really hones the tone, it gives a few songs a nice waltz feel.

    Luke Rager
    Ne Obliviscaris. Painters of the Tempest is so damn good. The violin solo into guitar solo is *chef’s kiss*. Feels yo. Obviously, I dig the DD album but never really considered it prog.

    Lemme get a jump start – my vote is for ne obliscaris. I completely forgot about daylight dies, especially this album, which i used to rock on a constant basis. It was nostalgic but also acted like a time capsule for me

    Krychek – Citadel
    NeO this round. Dismantling is great, but I’m not sure it’s even my favourite by them.

    Moe – Citadel
    Oh AND…Nay! Ob…Daylight Days was…fine. Shit it was even good. But Ne Obliviscaris is just too much good stuff at once.

    Brian – Citadel
    Daylight Dies is pretty vanilla; respect though. Ne Obliviscaris wins this round with several dominant tracks


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