1. Aryeon is solid. Never heard them before, I really like the sampling. On a level playing field they might have been my pick. Lateralus is in my soul though, so Tool’s gotta get my vote.


  2. I liked “The Human Equation” when Aaron first lent it to me years ago and there are a couple of tracks on it that I really liked, but the more I listened to it, the more annoyed I got with it. It’s chuck full of that fake angst that too many bands use when they’re trying to be clever. I would find that when I was really getting into the tune I would realize that the lyrics were stupid and give up on it. Leteralus does not remind me of Pink Floyd, but maybe you have to be a juggalo for that to make sense. I will pick Lateralus though.


  3. Luke Rager – Lateralus
    Tool wins. Hope this is what you wanted. Hope this is what you had in mind. ‘Cause this is what you’re getting. Spiral out.

    Krychek – Human Equation
    I’ll throw Ayreon a bone because I don’t want it to get swept. I also listen to it quite a bit more if my computer is to be believed.

    Mo – Human Equation
    Fuck it. Ayreon. Burn it down. It’s sillyness but enjoyable. I don’t need Tool anymore. 2002 Moe Vick needed Tool. 2021 doesn’t. I have evolved beyond them. *Sniffs own farts* I was going to vote Tool simply out of respect but fuck it. Ayreon wins.

    Scrodge – Lateralus
    I liked the synths and variety of style in “The Human Equation.” The vocal styles did not really hook me. I only got through “Day Seven: Coco Candy Butterland”. This vote goes to Lateralus.

    Brian – Lateralus
    The human equation is an album that I enjoy despite having a significant amount of baaaaad material. If I was hearing it for the first time today, I don’t know that I could take it seriously enough to get all the way through. Lateralus is a high quality album that deserves a high level of respect. I also find it to be a pretty boring listen. I would probably rather sit and listen to Ayreon, but my vote goes to Tool for quality.

    Aaron – Lateralus
    Definitely one of the weaker matchups. Probably the most famous band vs maybe the least? I’ll give both albums props for being unique. God damn a lot of work went into “Human Equation,” and with a little less cheese, it could be a timeless concept album. I’m going with Tool, though, because they are basically the only good metal band that saw serious radio play, ever, and therefore became the most influential band of all, for me, and the stuff still holds up pretty good. It’s still weird comparing say, “Schizm,” to the other singles out at the time. Whether Juggalos dig it or not, “Lateralus” is not conventional Nu-Metal. It’s bizarre that they ever got a chance.


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