Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 1, PAIR 12

THE OCEAN COLLECTIVE: “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic”



Maybe now, THE OCEAN are super fucked, and all they really want…is to sleep now, after losing this one 4-3.


  1. Luke Rager – Phanerozoic I
    The Ocean wins. “Phanerozoic I” is a much better album. It’s a concept album. It’s a sequel to “Precambrian.” It’s dynamic. It’s epic as fuq. Loic’s (and Jonas’) vocals are great. It’s got giant sea scorpions. If we expand our horizons to part II, it has dinosaurs. Win. Win win. Win. Oh, and “The Great Dying?” Shhheeeeeeeettt.

    Drucifer – Exoplanet
    “Exoplanet” is my winner. That album shhhhreds.

    Scrodge – Exoplanet
    “Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic” is a great album. It is “super fucked” going up against “Exoplanet.” This is primal directive!!!

    Mo – Exoplanet
    I listened to these albums both a few times. That Kit-Katatonia song in the middle of that Ocean album was the shiznat. But I think, overall, “Exoplanet” has too many special riffs/diddies. I think while still very good, “The Ocean,” which I completely forgot about, besides being very important to all life…especially Israeli…album…was too meandering and didn’t really find its purpose.

    Krychek – Phanerozoic I
    The Ocean, and it’s not even close. I assume this will be difficult for everyone else, but “Exoplanet” is easily my least favorite Contortionist album.

    Brian – Exoplanet
    I vote “Exoplanet.” I feel kind of bad about it, because I think The Ocean put together a more high quality piece of art. The emotional weight, really well-crafted tones and textures, master vocals, and catchy moments make “Phanerozoic” a great album. And it’s just cool as hell. The Contortionist just rocks really really hard. I get very into it, and it can’t be denied. In some ways, it doesn’t even feel like metal. It’s too happy. It’s really feel-good music. The Ocean definitely has them on authenticity being a true metal band with a proper degree of darkness. But again, nothing on there gets me out of my seat like “Flourish”…or “Primal Directive”…or “Vessel.”

    Aaron – “Phanerozoic I”
    I’m glad this was a close one. Two of my absolute favorites. Couldn’t decide for days, but it came down to one thing. The final minute of “Phanerozoic I” is the greatest conclusion to any album ever. It is still the only piece of music I’ve ever heard that has given me goosebumps every single time I’ve heard it, which is now dozens, if not SCORES of times. The whole album is fantastic. It does not have the “Flourish” of “Exoplanet,” but it wins on feels. If I was going to party (which I medically can no longer do) I would throw down “Exoplanet,” but chills beat thrills in all other cases.


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