Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 1, PAIR 11

RIVERS OF NIHIL – “Where Owls Know My Name” (ADVANCES)



Oh…and don’t forget….

RoN moves on with an 8-0 clean sweep.


  1. I think I have to go with Rivers of Nihil on this one. obZen grabs me right away with the opening riffs. It reminds me a bit of Primus actually, but I lose interest in it after that. I like the variation in instrumentation on Where Owls Know my Name. If I could make one suggestion though, if Rivers of Nihil had just chosen to cover the “Cheers” theme, everybody would know their names and they wouldn’t have to limit themselves to just owls.


  2. Mo – WOKMN
    (owl emoji) vs (blood emoji) is the way I see it. (Owl emoji) wins for me. I feel like I have to be in a mood for “obZen”…”Owls”…it takes me there.

    Brian – WOKMN
    “Bleed” is nutso. Meshuggah is really good at what they do, but they satisfy a very narrow slice of my musical appetite. “Owls” hits on all cylinders, proving yet again that in the right context, saxophone is not a useless garbage instrument. “Owls” wins.

    Drucifer – WOKMN

    Aaron – WOKMN
    I think many of us are of the same mind. Meshuggah are to be respected to no end. They basically invented an entire genre of exciting metal music. However, the prog guy in me likes the dynamics of “WOKMN.”

    Krychek – WOKMN
    I should love both of these albums, but neither one has ever clicked for me. I guess “Owls” since it’s still on my computer.

    Luke Rager – WOKMN
    After much deliberation, I pick Rivers of Nihil. It’s got lots of traditional progisms (progasms?) that I enjoy while still bringing the heavy. I’ll always hold “obZen” and “Bleed” in high esteem, but the owls edged it out. Also, Rivers lost points for having a miniature Aladdin as their vocalist.

    Scrodge – WOKMN
    I’ve been thinking about this decision owl night long. obZen is a wonderful thing. “Pravus” is perfect. There are a few parts of the album that get a bit repetitive. “Owls” is more of a journey from start to finish. I like obZen more for select songs, but “Owls” is the better album as a whole listen through.


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