Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 1, PAIR 10



DEVIN TOWNSEND – “Ziltoid: the Omniscient” (ADVANCES)

“Remedy Lane” gets some well-deserved love, but “Ziltoid” moves on as the greatest guitarist who has ever lived, with a 5-3 victory.


  1. I enjoyed Ziltoid when Brian first played it for me years ago, I love that he looks like one of those alligator monster finger puppets from my youth, and my love for goofy concept albums is unconditional, but having said all that I like Remedy Lane more. There are a lot of different things going on in this album that remind me a lot of some of my favorite bands. I especially like that snippet with the syncopated guitars and the folk music influences in the later tracks.


  2. Luke Rager – Remedy Lane
    The amount of emotion that oozes from these tracks is just too much for Ziltoid’s planet smashing to overcome. “A Trace of Blood” is probably top 5 tracks of all time for me. This album and song just give me the feels. Being a father myself and having scares during pregnancy has made it even more impactful. Like it legit makes me tear up. Music is supposed to make you feel things and that’s what this does. It will probably lose to DT but yeah, feels > riffs.

    Krychek – Remedy Lane
    After careful consideration, “Remedy Lane.” Because fuck you, that’s why.

    Brian – Z.T.O.
    “Pain of Salvation;” more like “pain of voting this album out in the first round.” This one is so good for so man reasons, but I can’t push it through. “Ziltoid” is a big favorite. That being said, the problem with this album has always been that it peaks too early. “By Your Command” is wall to wall genius. It’s got catchy melodies, superb heaviness, personality, dramatic storytelling, rich tone and texture, comedy (of course; and not dependent on fart noises), and a building finale that rivals just about any 2 minutes of music ever recorded. The middle 3rd of the album stays fun and has some great moments. The final third mostly coasts out. The story gets kinda left behind and there just isn’t that much going on. “Command” gets it through round 1, and possibly 2 and 3.

    Mo – Z.T.O.
    “Remedy Lane” had some cool….parts but they were all better than the whole. “Ziltoid” wins.

    Scrodge – Z.T.O.

    Drucifer – Z.T.O.
    Dun duh-duh-duN “ZILLLLTOID”

    Aaron – Z.T.O.
    Tough call. I think “Remedy Lane” is special to anyone who got into prog metal around when it came out. I was obsessed back then, and still love it today. Thanks to Luke for pointing out the remaster, which let’s it hold up even better. Debating redoing my highlight reel. Favorite part is still the callback to “Chain Sling” in “Beyond the Pale,” which I highlighted in my callback post a while back. . Anyway, I’m voting “ZTO” because it’s the only album I can think of that is hilarious, while also being strong enough musically that I go back to it just for the jams. It’s a truly unique album that, while being completely silly, still deserves to make a run in this tournament. Too bad the sequel couldn’t keep on par. What a disappointment that was.


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