Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 1, PAIR 9

OPETH – “Blackwater Park” (ADVANCES)


INSOMNIUM – “Winter’s Gate”

OPETH win in a landslide, 8-0 victory. Is this our inevitable victor?


  1. I prefer Blackwater Park. The guitar work in particular catches my attention. Winter’s Gate is trying to sound epic and failing.


  2. Luke Rager – Blackwater Park
    My favorite Opeth album vs. my not favorite Insomnium album. Not close. Opeth.

    Krychek – Blackwater Park
    Opeth, because fuck you, that’s why. Good matchup though. Your ability to pit my second favorite albums by bands continues.

    Brian – Blackwater Park
    Insomnium is good. I like the last few minutes of part 6. Opeth wins.

    Mo – Blackwater Park
    The Insomnium album was very good, which is surprising in that…generally I don’t care for “folk” anything…even if it’s heavy, I tend to assume someone is playing the spoons/washboard/jug/accordion. Something offensive. “Blackwater Park” is an all-timer. I would be surprised if it wasn’t in every jabroni involved with this’s top ten all time. Insomnium was good, no doubt, but “Blackwater Park” should be a landslide victory.

    Scrodge – Blackwater Park

    Aaron – Blackwater Park
    “Winter’s Gate” is one of my all-time favorite concept albums. Apparently I’m alone in thinking it’s Insomnium’s best, but to me, this is their “Crack the Skye,” which is fitting, seeing as they are both first round losers. I love it so much, I was disappointed to see it get paired against “BP,” which is probably the 1 seed in this tournament. Oh well. We move on.

    Drucifer – Blackwater Park


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