Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 1, PAIR 7

THE FACELESS – “Planetary Duality” (ADVANCES)


HATH – “Of Rot and Ruin”

THE FACELESS win this one over a respected HATH album, 5-3


  1. I have to go with Planetary Duality if for no other reason than the title is way better. “Of Rot and Ruin” sounds like the title of a book I’d pass over in the bargain bin at meijer. That tiny little bit of piano in Planetary Duality jumped out at me and I thought that was a nice touch. Also, Hath could replace their drummer with a baseball card stuck in bicycle spokes and you’d never know the difference.


  2. Luke Rager – Planetary Duality
    Riffs, hooks, and aliens for days. 12.5 years later and I still want to listen to it. That said, Hath’s album is great and “Rituals” is one of my top tracks in recent memory

    Scrodge – Planetary Drüality

    Aaron – Of Rot and Ruin
    Not very close for me. Mos def appreciate The Faceless’s technical proficiency, but i prefer Haths vocal stile, getar/drum tone, melody writing, track harmonising, and dinamics. I generaly gravitate more to ward denser, dramatic soundscapes’ then cleen punchy guitar/drum work. Also cant fourgive printing a typo in the Title of one of you’re tracs. “A Prophecies Fruition?” Supposed to be a possesive not a plural, jeez. Proof reed you’re shit.

    Drucifer – Planetary Duality

    Krychek – Of Rot and Ruin
    It’s probably not going to matter, but, Hath. Hot take – The Faceless are a group of super talented dudes who have written 4? albums that are technically proficient that do absolutely nothing for me. I find them sterile. “Planetary Duality” is the first album I don’t care for at all in the list.
    Also, because fuck you, that’s why.

    Mo – Planetary Duality
    Hath was pwnage. Appreciate that intro but can’t beat “planetary interconnection!” The Faceless has my vote.

    Brian – Of Rot and Ruin
    I am voting for Hath. I like their overall tone better. It’s a little more filled out and lush. The Faceless rocks pretty hard, but it doesn’t really kick in for me until “XenoChrist,” and the album is very short to begin with. This is the first pairing where I had to listen to both albums twice before I could make up my mind.


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