Tournament of Prog Metal: ROUND 1, PAIR 6

KATATONIA – “The Great Cold Distance” (ADVANCES)



KATATONIA edges out CALIGULA’S HORSE with the final vote, in probably our closest contest to date.


  1. This is my favorite pair so far. I’m going with Caligula’s Horse on this one, but after listening to the Katatonia snippet I really figured I’d vote that way.


  2. Scrodge – The Great Cold Distance
    Katatonia has a bit more of that heavy chug. Caligulas horse has some really good guitar work and variety in sound. The poetry SLAM was intense. “In Contact” is a really good album, however, I feel that “The Great Cold Distance” speaks to me. I vote Katat-bony-yah.

    Luke Rager – In Contact
    I’m going to say Caligula’s Horse for this one. TGCD is really good, but CH is more in line with my tastes in 2021.

    Krychek – The Great Cold Distance
    Because fuck you, that’s why,

    Mo – In Contact
    I confess, I haven’t put any time into Caligula’s Horse. That album was awesome…not a huge fan of spoken word in general, but it kind of fit for that album. It was almost like elevator music metal…in a good way…on the other side…and I know this is Rewa blasphemy, and I do like quite a bit of their stuff, but for me…Katatonia…meh. CH wins.

    Drucifer – In Contact

    Aaron – The Great Cold Distance
    It’s difficult to gauge these objectively after being attached to TGCD for so long. “In Contact” is grander, prettier, and guitarier. TGCD has a unique feel. It’s rare to find an album of 12 tracks with no filler. It speaks to me more. “Graves” is specail, but I always prefer albums that I feel compelled to hear front to back, and not often skip to the back. Been listening to TGCD for over a decade and still love every moment. Katatonia wins. As an aside, I’ve enjoyed very little of their stuff since TGCD came out. “Night is the New Day” and “The Fall of Hearts” are pretty good, but the rest is meh at best.

    Brian – The Great Cold Distance
    I vote Katatonia over Caligula. Too many classics. Although, the album does kind of putter out towards the end. Caligula is stellar, though. Really hard to vote against those vocals and ripping solos.


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