1. Drucifer – Colors
    Well, I was completely unfamiliar with Hypno5e and I’m glad I was introduced to them cuz they are awesome. BUT…damn, Colors is a great album. BTBAM for me!

    Krychek – Colors
    “Colors” gets my vote. Or “Colours” if you listen to it in Britain/Canada

    Mo – Colors
    The talking in French/Spanish/English was interesting, but I think in general not my thing. Also, unfortunately, I find French to be pretty gross sounding. “Colors” features a Ho Down. “Colors” wins.

    Scrodge – Colors
    Hypno5e was sweet. The language diversity was neat and there were some really unique thoughts. “Colors” is just insanely good. BTbam Margera winner.

    Brian – Colors

    Luke Rager
    “Colors,” because it’s final 4 caliber, and Hypno5e isn’t.

    Aaron – Shores of the Abstract Line
    I thought this was a pretty appropriate matchup. It became very evident to me while making my highlight reel that about 80% of BTBAM is just me waiting for the pretty clean vocal parts. The heavy stuff is fun, and well executed, but it all runs together for me and feels like merely the vehicle to get me to the climaxes. You can’t have the pretty climaxes without the contrast of the rest, but I literally fit all of my favorite moments of the album into 3 minutes, and I added a heavy section I wouldn’t normally include solely to break up the highlight reel. I will always love BTBAM, but Hypno5e is more interesting to me at this juncture. Need to listen to their newest one a few more times, but I’m pretty sure “Abstract Line” is their best work.


    1. I agree with Aaron about BTBAM and waiting a lot for the best parts. I will probably be unpopular in my opinion that…Paralax 2 is the best BTBAM album…and I feel like the bliss factor carries through a lot more minutes.

      Still I voted for Colors because it’s a great album and Shores of the Abstract Line was a bit too introspective to keep me engaged. I am much more familiar with Hypno5e’s Acid Mist Tomorrow – same tones; same sampled gobbledygook talk; more heavies (sub-dupe central in the opening track) – HIGHLY RECOMMEND


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