1. I prefer Obscura in this round. There are some really interesting sounds in it. Dreamless is too uniform in sound quality. If it’s a concept album I can understand wanting uniformity, but this practically monotone.


  2. Scrodge – Akroasis
    My vote is Obscura. The guitar solos are awesome, the compositions sound less cluttered.

    Krychek – Dreamless
    Because fuck you, that’s why.

    Drucifer – Dreamless
    Fallujah wins. Two amazing and unique drummers, but Fallujah passes the vibe check.

    Aaron – Dreamless
    If “Akroasis” the album was as good as the title track throughout, this would be a conversation. Problem is, I just keep going back to that one track. “Dreamless” is a contender to win the whole thing, for me.

    Luke – Dreamless
    I listened to both albums again today. I really like the bass in “Akroasis” and the general chonky-Cynic nature of it, but “The Void Alone” alone is enough to win this one. God damn…how it comes out of that interlude section…I did almost go with Obscura though just because of how monumentally Fallujah wet the bed on their follow up. Jesus, it’s bad.

    Mo – Dreamless
    Obscura is cool….but I don’t feel that I am even equipped to explain why Fuh-loo-juh rips it a new asshole. Dreamless is like…waking up on an alien space craft? The part in “The Void Alone” where she’s singing about “we have onnnnnnnlyyyy tiiiiiiiIIIIIIMMMEE” *NUCLEAR FUCKING BOMB* might be one of my favorite album moments ever. This is without getting into “Scar Queen” which is also beyond pwnage. For me Dreamless wins and it ain’t close…this is likely my current overall winner.

    Brian – Obscura
    I gotta go with Obscura on this on this one. Fallujah is extremely proficient and polished, but it feels kind of sterile. Obscura was a little more exciting. Less engineered; more performed. Especially in the drums.


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