1. Mo – After
    “Not to take anything away from what Mastodon has achieved, but that sound is simply less appealing to me. In general, “groovy” is always going to lose for me. “Oblivion,” the track, can beat many albums on its own…but not this one. “After” is chilling, badass, hilarious, heavy and a goddamn treat to listen to.”

    Luke Rager – After
    “Ihsahn…explanation is…it’s winter.”

    Aaron – Crack the Skye
    “After” captures one inspired sound brilliantly, but the concept and dynamics of “Crack the Skye” are too compelling. This was like picking between my kids, though. Tough pairing.”

    Krychek – Crack the Skye
    “By a country mile.”

    Bri – Crack the Skye
    “I have listened to both and affirmed my original thought. “After” is better than I remembered and made it interesting, but “Skye” wins.

    Scrodge – After

    Drucifer – After
    “It’s easy for me (Ihsahn). I’ve listened to both recently, which helps.”


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