The Progress Report Begins

Welcome to the Progress Report, a blog for folks who love metal music, but get bored easily. This site seeks to highlight all that’s new and exciting in the metal world. We will focus primarily on progressive and melodic death metal, but will also cover djent, post metal, post rock, and softer prog bands that distinquish themselves.

The Progress Report will primarily bring you editorial articles, especially album reviews, and opinion pieces on the genre in general. Expect to mostly see reviews with high ratings, as we wish not to waste too much of your time. The point of all this is to bring you what we consider the cream of the crop—acts that may be lost in the barrage of music on the greater blog-o-sphere.

And, we hope to gain input from our readers. Let us know what you are listening to. What are we missing? Because progressive metal is largely less digestible than what one might find on the radio, these bands often go uncelebrated even by those seeking them out. Feed us. If you disagree with an opinion, let us know. If you want an album reviewed, we’ll do it, assuming the music is worth our time.

Our plan is to keep on top of what is new and upcoming. We’ll need to play catchup for a bit, as there’s recent material that deserves being highlighted. Expect in the future to see more timely articles, but we will always take the time to bring you any gems lost out there as we discover them as well.

Hopefully this will be a worth-while endeavor, both for you and us. Happy listening.

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